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  1. In testing, a triple-drug therapy significantly improved lung function in cystic fibrosis patients with the most common disease-causing mutation.
  2. Possible traces of lungs preserved with a 120-million-year-old bird fossil could represent a respiratory system similar to that of modern birds.
  3. Scientists are still learning more about the health effects of chemical sweeteners
  4. A new AI that judges whether drugs will interact with certain proteins can train on data from multiple sources while keeping that info secret.
  5. Tornadoes are becoming slightly less frequent in Tornado Alley, while more are touching down farther east in the United States, a study suggests.
  6. A complex water system magnified flooding’s disruption of the medieval Cambodian city of Angkor.
  7. A new analysis suggests that tectonics, not microbes, formed cone-shaped structures in 3.7-billion-year-old rock.
  8. Researchers have deciphered the physics underlying dandelion flight.
  9. The electron remains stubbornly round, meaning we may need to build beyond the Large Hadron Collider to find physics outside of the standard model.
  10. Medical experts are trying to trace the cause of 62 confirmed cases of acute flaccid myelitis this year.
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