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  1. The Bajau people of Southeast Asia have a gene variant associated with larger spleens, boosting their oxygen while breath-hold diving, researchers say.
  2. A 20-year experiment spots a reversal in the way two kinds of plants take up extra carbon from the atmosphere.
  3. Red light exposure made some genetically engineered fruit flies ejaculate, spurring a surge of a brain reward compound — and less desire for booze.
  4. Before performing skull operations on people, ancient surgeons may have rehearsed on cows.
  5. Scientists tweaked a bacterial enzyme and made it more efficient in breaking down plastics found in polyester and plastic bottles.
  6. After reaching its orbit in about two months, the telescope will start scanning nearby stars telltale dips in light that signal a passing planet.
  7. Ravens pecking at frosty pipes caused a glitch in gravitational wave data.
  8. Bits of metal nestled inside diamonds suggest the space rock could have formed in a Mars-sized protoplanet in the early solar system.
  9. Touch sensation in VR can go from immersive to unnerving as the feeling gets more realistic, if you can’t see the source.
  10. Hoards of migrating shrimp and krill can cause large-scale turbulence in the ocean, a new study suggests.
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