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  1. Women now have another choice for cervical cancer screening: getting an HPV test alone every five years.
  2. On Madagascar, a type of lemur called aye-ayes may have a singular evolutionary history.
  3. Genetically engineering animals is OK with Americans if it improves human health, a new poll reveals.
  4. Saltwater is winning in the Everglades as sea levels rise and years of redirecting freshwater flow to support agriculture and population growth
  5. Antineutrino detectors could one day help reveal stealthy nuclear blasts.
  6. Differences in stem cells in the spinal cord explain the amphibians’ ability.
  7. Solid cheese preserved in an ancient Egyptian tomb may be the world’s oldest.
  8. The “Cosmic Seagull,” a distant galaxy magnified by a gravitational lens, seems chock-full of dark matter, in contrast with other galaxies almost as far away.
  9. Fire ants’ secret to success is prioritizing efficiency over fairness. Robot teams could use that strategy to work more efficiently in tight, crowded quarters.
  10. Smoothing out a material used in desalination filters could help combat worldwide water shortages.
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