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  1. An ape that touched millions imparted some hard lessons about primate research.
  2. Coffee’s heart-healthy effects rely on boosting cells’ energy production, a study in mice suggests.
  3. Scientists have made the most precise test of Einstein’s theory of gravity at great distances.
  4. Clusters of proteins transiently work together to turn on genes, new microscopy studies of live cells suggest.
  5. Researchers have discovered a new gibbon species in an ancient royal Chinese tomb. It's already extinct.
  6. The long-term effects of separating children from their parents at the U.S. border need to be studied, scientists say.
  7. Even very young toddlers like to help, a social skill that’s linked to later success in school and life.
  8. Painted ladies migrate the farthest of any butterfly.
  9. Giving robots instructions via brain waves and hand gestures could help the machines operate more safely and efficiently.
  10. An advanced alien civilization might combat the impact of dark energy by harvesting stars.
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