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  1. Scientists mapped virus diversity around the world’s oceans. That knowledge may be key to making better climate simulations.
  2. Researchers close in on how low levels of a kind of RNA may trigger lupus — offering hope for future treatments for the autoimmune disease.
  3. A conflict known as the Transfermium Wars marked a contentious struggle over the search for new elements beginning in the 1960s.
  4. Each year from 2010 to 2017, 21 million children did not get vaccinated against measles, according to UNICEF.
  5. Missing mitochondrial DNA inside a parasitic marine microbe turned up inside the organism’s nucleus.
  6. Early foragers may have laid the foundation for farming’s ascent in South America’s tropical forests.
  7. Scientists have made the first direct observations of an exotic type of radioactive decay called two-neutrino double electron capture.
  8. With electrodes in the brain, scientists translated neural signals into speech, which could someday help the speechless speak.
  9. Troves of Cambrian fossils are known at more than 50 places around the world. Here are five standout spots.
  10. NASA’s InSight mission appears to have detected a Marsquake for the first time.
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