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  1. There are more coral species lurking in the deep ocean that previously thought. That could be good news for their shallow water counterparts.
  2. Researchers revealed new insight into the Hawaiian volcano’s most recent eruption.
  3. Milking snakes for venom may soon no longer be needed to make antidotes for bites.
  4. A new device that harnesses sunlight to produce pure vapor from seawater could last longer and produce cleaner water than other technology.
  5. The tally of extreme weather events linked to climate change continues to grow, with new studies outlining links to more than a dozen events in 2017.
  6. The same nerves and muscles that create goose bumps may make hair grow.
  7. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft found signs of water and lots of boulders on the asteroid Bennu.
  8. Voyager 2 just became the second probe ever to enter interstellar space, and the first with a working plasma instrument.
  9. Two spacecraft confirm that time passes more slowly closer to Earth’s surface.
  10. Science News writers and editors pick which science books were this year’s must-reads.
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