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  1. The ancient principle of plenitude is reborn in the modern belief that whatever can exist must exist.
  2. Nerve cells in the brain that are tied to wakefulness are destroyed in people with Alzheimer’s, a finding that may refocus dementia research.
  3. The antibiotic could help tackle extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, which kills tens of thousands each year.
  4. In a first, astronomers may just have detected gravitational waves from a black hole merging with a neutron star.
  5. Science News’ forthcoming website won’t feature comment sections on stories, but instead will invite e-mail feedback so readers can make their voices heard.
  6. A new molecule takes its place among buckyballs, carbon nanotubes and other odd forms of carbon.
  7. Primordial rock deep in the mantle and dating to just after Earth’s formation could yield insights about the planet’s formation and evolution
  8. Specially designed materials could help prevent boats from rocking too violently in harbors, researchers say.
  9. A clinical trial for a vaccine against the sexually transmitted disease found that the product provoked an immune response.
  10. A Canadian telescope spotted eight more repeating fast radio bursts. What causes these cryptic flashes of radio waves from deep space remains unclear.
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