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  1. NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft found signs of water and lots of boulders on the asteroid Bennu.
  2. Voyager 2 just became the second probe ever to enter interstellar space, and the first with a working plasma instrument.
  3. Two spacecraft confirm that time passes more slowly closer to Earth’s surface.
  4. Science News writers and editors pick which science books were this year’s must-reads.
  5. Scientists can dial the stiffness of a bizarre new type of synthetic material up or down using magnets.
  6. Early evidence suggests that Parkinson’s may be a gut disease that affects the brain.
  7. One-hundred years after the Spanish flu, ‘Pandemic 1918’ and ‘Influenza’ provide a new look at the global outbreak.
  8. Carbon dioxide emissions from China, the United States and India all rose this year, a new report finds.
  9. In lab tests, rats that underwent hysterectomies had worse spatial memories.
  10. Massive eruptions from volcanoes spewing greenhouse gases 252 million years ago may have triggered Earth’s biggest mass extinction.
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